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The Mosley Academy

Our Golden Rules!

Golden Rules

We have formalised our behaviour guidelines into a set of “Golden Rules”. We want to reward our children for keeping our school happy, safe and a great place to learn! 

The “Golden Rules” are: 

We are gentle

We don’t hurt others

We are kind and helpful

We don’t hurt anybody’s feelings

We listen

We don’t interrupt

We are honest

We don’t cover up the truth

We work hard

We don’t waste our own or others time

We look after property

We don’t waste or damage things

As a reward for keeping the 'Golden Rules' the children will have 'Golden Time' on Friday afternoons.  For following the Golden Rules children can also receive green cards.  If children break the rules they may receive a yellow card as a warning.  If the behaviour persists they will be given a red card.  If a child receives a red card they will miss 5 minutes of Golden Time.

The children will also be able to use their green cards to 'buy' items from the Golden Time Shop, also on a Friday.  The children will have to earn more green cards if they want the more 'expensive' things from the shop!

The children love having Golden Time and it is highly valued and prized by them!

We expect everyone to support our Golden Rules.