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The Mosley Academy

Our Harvest Poems

What is Harvest?

Harvest is a time of year when we thank kind, hardworking farmers for all the delicious crops they grow,

Christians gathering together to sing and pray.

We are generous with the multi-coloured fruit and veg we donate to our harvest festival,

Celebrating harvest through festivals around the world since 1843.

Beautifully plaited corn dollies crafted with precious golden corn,

Wishing farmers luck for the next fruitful harvest.

Churches decorated delicately with brightly coloured flowers beaming in their vases,

The Mosley School family are joining together to celebrate as one.

We thank you harvest.


By Haniya, Deri, Libby, Hollie, Callum, Jake, Sam, Grace and Anthony


Why we are thankful?

We are thankful for our healthy and tasty food on our plates,
We are thankful for clean and fresh water to drink and wash in.
We are thankful for our amazing clever, cute, creatures,
We are thankful for our loving, caring, supportive families.
We are thankful for our kind, helpful and funny friends who make us happy,
We are thankful for our teachers who spend their time teaching us.
We are thankful for clothes to keep us snuggly warm and dry,
We are thankful for trees that give us fresh air and endless types of paper.
We are thankful for warm sunshine to make us smile and help our crops flourish.

By Daisy, Freya, Millie, Hannah, Madeleine H, Jamie, Steven, Joe and Jay


 How we celebrate Harvest?

Donations of fresh fruit and veg arranged beautifully on decorated tables.
Children rehearsing for the show,
Parents beaming smiles lighting up the lively hall.
Thousands of children's eyes glowing and getting caught up in the fun,
Joyful children sing cheerful harvest songs.
Harvest supers being enjoyed by all across the globe,
Hands together, heads bowed as we are thankful for life.
And to end this festival we say thanks,
This how we celebrate Harvest Festival!

By Ben, Joel, Nathan, Charlotte, Kirsten, Alfie, James, Laura and Kizzy


Harvest - How it makes us feel?

It makes us feel proud to give our donation to less fortunate people,
We all are thankful for our families because they provide us with fantastic and fabulous food and drink.
Harvest makes us respect the farmers for their hard work through out the year, 
Each tantalising tummyful of fresh fruit and vegetables gives us a feeling of goodness, straight from the land.
Excitement seeing school and churches decorated with vivid autumn colours,
as bright as the sunset on an autumns evening,
Happiness knowing we are helping others during harvest time.
Grateful to God that he has blessed our crops to provide our harvest,
Eager to share our delicious harvest with you.
On behalf of our school and family we thank you God for life and harvest time.

By Emily, Tom, Finn, Kyle, Sophie and Christie