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The Mosley Academy

Who's Who at Mosley

Who’s Who at Mosley 2019 / 20

Teaching Staff and their Responsibilities

Mr M. Baxter Headteacher
Whole School Management / Curriculum Co-ordinator / Health and Safety / Educational Visits / Safeguarding / Child Protection / R.E. Co-ordinator / Music Co-ordinator / MFL Co-ordinator / Well-Being / Assessment / PSHE / Liaison Primary / Secondary Education*

Mrs Hannah Walmsley

Class 4
English Co-ordinator / School Library / Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator

Miss Natasha Gouldingay



Miss Daniella Luce

Class 5
Science Co-ordinator

Class 6

KS2 Assessment / KS2 Liaison / ICT Co-ordinator

Mrs Ashley Carter




Mrs Natahsa Ingham



Deputy Headteacher / Class 4
Mathematics Co-ordinator / S.M.S.C. and Healthy School Co-ordinator


Class 3

PE Co-ordinator / Sporting Fixtures

Miss Chloe Twells




Miss Amelia Hardwick

Class 2
History and Geography Co-ordinator / School Parliament / Student Link Tutor

Class 1

SEND Co-ordinator / Eco Squad

Mrs Julie Hollins .2
D & T Co-ordinator / Art and Display Co-ordinator

Mr John Barratt

Miss Emma Davidson



Class R

Early Years Co-ordinator

Mrs Mary Lunn Music – Choir
1½ hours
Mrs Lesley Hirst Music and guitar
3 hours
Ms Alison Omer K2M
Ms Ania Aleksa Brass and woodwind

Non-Teaching Staff

Office Staff

Mrs Rebecca Carlton (Financial Services and Office Manager)

Mrs Joanne Dodd (Admin Support)

Learning Support

Mrs Samantha Leedham (Class 1)

Mrs Tracy Pegg (Class 2 Pupil Support)
Mrs Fran McBride (Class 4)
Mrs Sally Price (Class 3 and HOPE)

Mrs Gillian Baker (Class 5/6)
Mrs Fiona Travers (Class R)

Supervisory Assistants

Mrs Jane Bailey (dining room)
Mrs Alison Baker
Mrs Nicola Weston

Mrs Sarah Insley

School Kitchen Mellors
Janitor Mrs Pam Wright 5 hours
Mrs Karen Brittain 5 hours
Handyman Mr Chris Price 3 hours
Cleaner (10 hours each) Mrs Pam Wright
Mrs Karen Brittain
Lead ICT Technician Mr Andrew Dickson