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The Mosley Academy

SATs and other Assessments

Phonics Screening Test

The  Phonics screening test will talk place during W/b June 8th 2020. This is for all Y1 children and any children Y2 who did not achieve a pass in Year 1.

Key Stage 1 SATs

Key stage 1 covers children aged 5-7 years old in years 1 and 2 at school.

The Year 2 children will take their KS1 SATs (Statutory Assessment Tests) during May.

The tests are spread out throughout May to avoid the children becoming unnecessarily anxious or worried. These tests are used to inform a  teacher's assessment, which will reflect your child’s everyday achievements not just the results gained in a “one-off” test.

Teacher assessment is a summative judgement based on the standards of work children are producing each day.

When making their judgement, your child’s teacher will look through your child’s work and compare their work against national assessment criteria. Every school is audited regularly to ensure assessment standards are secure and consistent across the country.

Your child’s reported results are based on teacher assessment, not test results, and will be sent with their annual report.

Please ask if you have any questions or need additional information.

Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check

In the last week of June the Children in Year 4 will take part in the 'Multiplication Tables Check'.

Key Stage 2 SATs

Key stage 2 covers children aged 7-11 years old with SATS (Statutory Assessment Tests) taken during the week beginning 11th May.

The results are reported to parents, along with the individual child's teacher assessment.

It is these results that a reported nationally.

In 2020 the Year 6 tests will be taken from Monday May 11th.

The timetable of the week  looks like this:

Monday 11 May 2020 English grammar, punctuation and spelling papers 1 and 2
Tuesday 12 May 2020 English reading
Wednesday 13 May 2020 Mathematics papers 1 and 2
Thursday 14 May 2020 Mathematics paper 3