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The Mosley Academy

Who's Who at Mosley

Who’s Who at Mosley 2019 / 20

Teaching Staff and their Responsibilities

Mr M. Baxter Headteacher
Whole School Management / Curriculum Co-ordinator / Health and Safety / Educational Visits / Safeguarding / Child Protection / R.E. Co-ordinator / Music Co-ordinator / MFL Co-ordinator / Well-Being / Assessment / PSHE / Liaison Primary / Secondary Education*

Mrs Hannah Walmsley

Class 4
English Co-ordinator / School Library / Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator

Miss Natasha Gouldingay

Mrs Tracey Eggleston


Miss Daniella Luce

Class 5 Science Co-ordinator

Class 5

Class 6

KS2 Assessment / KS2 Liaison / ICT Co-ordinator

Mrs Ashley Carter




Mrs Natahsa Ingham



Deputy Headteacher / Class 4
Mathematics Co-ordinator / S.M.S.C. and Healthy School Co-ordinator


Class 3

PE Co-ordinator / Sporting Fixtures

Miss Chloe Twells




Miss Amelia Hardwick

Class 2
History and Geography Co-ordinator / School Parliament / Student Link Tutor

Class 1

SEND Co-ordinator / Eco Squad

Mrs Julie Hollins .2
D & T Co-ordinator / Art and Display Co-ordinator

Mr John Barratt

Miss Emma Davidson



Class R

Early Years Co-ordinator

Mrs Mary Lunn Music – Choir
1½ hours
Mrs Lesley Hirst Music and guitar
3 hours
Ms Alison Omer K2M
Ms Ania Aleksa Brass and woodwind

Non-Teaching Staff

Office Staff

Mrs Rebecca Carlton (Financial Services and Office Manager)

Mrs Joanne Dodd (Admin Support)

Learning Support

Mrs Fiona Travers (Class R)

Mrs Samantha Leedham (Class 1)

Mrs Tracy Pegg (Pupil Support)
Mrs Fran McBride (Class 4)
Mrs Sally Price (Class 2 / 3 and HOPE)

Mrs Gillian Baker (Class 5)

Mrs Sue McLoughlin (Class 6)

Supervisory Assistants

Mrs Jane Bailey (dining room)
Mrs Alison Baker
Mrs Nicola Weston

Mrs Sarah Insley

School Kitchen Mellors
Janitor Mrs Pam Wright 5 hours
Mrs Karen Brittain 5 hours
Handyman Mr Chris Price 3 hours
Cleaner (10 hours each) Mrs Pam Wright
Mrs Karen Brittain
Lead ICT Technician Mr Trevor Wright